Ollywood actor killed after falling off train in Khurda

Khurda: Veteran Odia theater celebrity cum queen, Premananda Barik was murdered after falling from a moving train nearby Tapang railroad station in Khurda district Saturday.

Ollywood actor killed after falling off train in Khurda

According to sources, the-55-year-old Barik was coming out of his in-law’s home once the accident happened. When Barik was going to scale up since the train flagged he lost his balance and dropped off beneath the railway wheels.

After his departure, Jatani Railway Police retrieved the body by the railroad tracks and shipped it to postmortem.

Barik was also a resident of Gurujang Nandasahi beneath the Khurda municipality place and functioned as a Class IV employee at Khurda head office.

Especially, he acted in many Odia films such as’Jor Jaar Mulak Taar’,”Asuchhi Mo Kalia Suna’,”Panjuri Bhitare Sari’,”Pua Moro Kala Thakura’.

A pal of gloom descended at the Ollywood business across the unhappy death of Barik.

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