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Hello reader, welcome to the about us page of your most beloved website!

Basically, since you visited 24 News Spot and reading the about us page, we would assume that you are either in search of latest Indian News, latest movie reviews,  latest results or latest sports updates etc. So taking the “Latest” part into account, one can easily recognize what 24 News Spot is all about!

What is AIR?

24 News Spot is a multi niche site which targets the Youth of India, dealing with various categories like Results, Movies, Box office collections, Politics, Health, and Sports etc. We are a content portal that full fills all the needs of young audience. Our stories will educate, entertain and make the audience aware of everything.

Our Moto:

24newsspot.com aims at becoming the best youth site all over India in the next few months.
Indian people or usually the youth are always in the urge to learn more and know more about what is going on around them in the outside world. So, they keep searching desperately for latest news and updates which is provided 24×7 by 24 News Spot.

The Categories:

Students of different ages and different streams will definitely check their respective results online itself. They keep searching for various sites in Google or any other search engine for a best website which provides them with all that information. 24 News Spot is again on top for this category.

Generally, most the students or youth of India are crazy about sports. Even from hockey to cricket or football, sports and games has always been the most exciting aspect in India. Every kid to adult is interested in almost every sport, and cricket being the most loved one among the bunch. We are feeling little shy to agree but 24 News Spot’s sports category provides the reader with every single news, from gossips to fights and from practice sessions to  World cups.

Final Words:

In one single statement, we can say that 24 News Spot is a one stop website for all the categories. You need not go to different sites for different categories and get fill up your browser tabs. Instead bookmark 24newsspot.com/ to your browser and open it for all the updates you need. We provide you genuine and the best content out of the lot.

Editorial Staff:

Hari Kishan– Editor in Chief Kishan is an aspiring blogger and Chief Editor for 24 News Spot. He always intend to deliver the best well versed posts and trustworthy news.


Ridima – Executive Editor Ridma the Executive Editor for 24newsspot.com. She is a pro blogger who blogs at exeideas.org.


Anirudh – Senior Editor

Anirudh is the senior editor at 24 News Spot. She writes about Technology, Sports, Education related topics on All India youth and 24 News Spot.

Kunal– Senior Editor

Kunal is the senior article editorial staff at 24 News Spot. She writes about notifications related to education, business and finance.

Deepika – Content Writer

Deepika is the content writer at 24 News Spot. She writes about Entertainment, Youth related topics, especially on Movie Reviews and Box Office Collections.


Siva Desoja– Senior Content Writer and Editor

Siva Desoja is the senior content writer at 24 News Spot. He writes about Entertainment, Youth related topics, especially on current social trends and controversial news.

shiva desoja

Arun – News Editor

Arun is the news editor at 24 News Spot. He writes about Entertainment, Youth related topics, and mainly works on the editing part of the articles.


Jenny Gorge – Social Media Manager

Jenny Gorge in the social media manager and lead of every social networking platform related to 24 News Spot. He main moto is to increase the social reach of the website and make people connect to us.


Luxman  – Chief Publisher

Luxman is the chief publisher at 24 News Spot. He mainly focuses on the quality of the articles being written and published in the site.


Mahendra Kumar – Publisher Co-Founder

Mahendra is a Pro Blogger and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Digital Marketing Company Mahi Media and a popular Tech Unblocked.

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